Monday, 9 April 2012

March 2012 Hits and Misses

I hope everyone had an amazing March! I certainly did especially with that week of amazing weather we were blessed with. I had tons of options to put in my "hits" section this month which is great since I feel as though I am starting to understand what works and doesn't work for me. In the long run, this will ultimately save me money since I will be able to avoid purchasing products I know will not be used.
The Hits

March 2012 Hits
Marc Anthony Shampoo and Conditioner: I will not go into great detail about these since I recently professed my love for them in a product review blog post, but really I couldn't not include them. They are luxurious, creamy and effective and when I get around to doing a holy grail post you can bet these will be in it!

Skintimate Lotionize Shaving Cream: After my disastrous experience with the EOS shaving cream I was desperate to find something better. This was actually on sale at Wal-Mart when I saw it, and since it was the cheapest alternative I snatched it up. Sooo glad I did! I have never found a shaving cream to be any different then all the rest. But this one definitely is. It is super mositurizing and creamy and actually gives me a closer shave. When I run out, I will definitely be repurchasing.

Julep Maven Hand Facial Scrub: I received my first Julep box after taking advantage of their first box for $0.01. This came with my two nail polishes and I have been really enjoying it. Granted it is a little watery, but it leaves my hands feeling clean and super soft. I use it every night before bed and then apply a thick hand cream. My hands have never been in better condition!

Philosophy Chocolate Fudge Body Wash: This was a splurge! I mean honestly who pays $20 for good smelling body wash? Me apparently. I was in Sephora a little while back and just happen to take a whiff of this... and it was all over. I was hooked. It smells exactly like chocolate brownies, and I am huge chocolate addict. It is such an indulgent treat on days when I might be feeling a little off or down. It says it can be used as shampoo and bubble bath as well. While I am not adventurous enough to try it as shampoo, I did try it as bubble bath and found it a little disappointing. As a body wash though, it gets two thumbs up from me!
Joe Fresh Orange Nail Polish: This has been my go to nail colour this month. I had been looking for a bright creamy orange for awhile, when I spotted this at the grocery store one day. For only $4 I thought I would give it a try since my favourite Sally Hansen line didn't have the exact orange colour I was looking for. This was actually opaque in one coat, and had great staying power. The brush was great, and while it took a bit to dry, I was really happy with the overall product.
The Misses

March 2012 Misses
Lip Butter in Peach Parfait: I feel bad putting this in my misses category. I see these raved about everywhere I look. So let me be specific in saying I have never tried any of the other colours of lip butters, and my complaint comes with this colour in particular. I picked up the peach parfait hoping for a great creamy peachy pink payoff. It looks like it would be beautiful from the picture I took. Unfortunately, what I got was a gritty, incredibly sheer lip balm with large blue glitter flakes that are a pain to get off your lips. I kept trying to use it, hoping I would get the hype, but clearly I chose the wrong colour to try.
L'oreal Paris Re-Nurtrition Intense Mask: I had this deep conditioner in my bathroom from awhile back and had stopped using it. I couldn't remember why. Feeling bad for having a product sit unused, I pulled it out and used it for my weekly deep conditioner. Now I remember why I don't use it anymore. It is anything but moisturizing. I actually feel like I need to condition my hair after I use this. What's more is it leaves my hair tangled, frizzy and completely unmanageable. I am not sure why this product doesn't work me, but it was so horrible I could not even convince myself to use the remainder of it. Perhaps I've become spoiled from my Macadamia Oil Deep Conditioner, but I found even my daily Marc Anthony conditioner to be more effective.

xo Kathryn


  1. I love the Joe Fresh polishes! I have the one in Shell and its a gorgeous natural colour.

    You should try shaving with conditioner, it's cheap and works amazing!

    xo Courtney

    1. P.S. I nominated you for a Versatile Blogger award :)

    2. I am definitely going to pick up Shell :)And thanks for the shaving recommendation I am definitely going to try that out!
      P.S. Aww you are so sweet thank you <3 :) going to do a blog on it tomorrow

  2. Phew, so I'm not the only one who has an issue with Peach Parfait. I literally blogged about it this morning. d: x

    1. You are definitely not the only one! I struggle just to use it because I really dislike it but I hate for it to go to waste.. going to head over to your blog and read what you wrote... we can support each other in our dislike :) xo

  3. The Philosophy Chocolate Fudge body wash sounds totally scrumptious. Hmmm. I know what you mean about Peach Parfait, it is very sheer and glittery, not much like a "lip butter". But I've found that if applied lightly, it does have quite a pretty colour. But I do wish it were more pigmented and without glitter.

    1. It is a total treat! And even though it's expensive (for body wash) it's a huge bottle I've used it for months and barely made a dent.
      Totally agree with you I had such high hopes on the colour ...if the glitter was gone I would probably really like it :)

  4. If you do try another Revlon Lip Butter, I would recommend Tutti Frutti for a very fun, orange-y coral summery shade. It didn't suffer from the same texture problem you described here.