Friday, 30 March 2012

March 2012 Luxe Box

Wow it has been awhile since my last blog post hasn't it? I apologize for my MIA status. I am the perfect example that "when it rains it pours"! I am a little late doing my Luxe Box review since basically everyone else has already posted a review. But what the hell, I'll throw my hat into the ring and share mine as well :). March actually marks Luxe Box's one year anniversary. It is no surprise then that many people had big expectations for this box, myself included. However, I had high expectations for the December box and was coincidentally let down. I was pleasantly surprised by my box. I feel I received a nice selection of products, though only four this month. Come and unbox it with me :)

Luxe Box Packaging - Back to the Black Box

This is the special seed card that came in this months box. It is to signify Luxe Box "growing" and expanding. I think it is a cute little addition, hopefully it grows for me and I don't kill it as per usual. I am interested to see what grows out of the card.
The four samples I received this month were:

OPI Top Coat Sample
*OPI Top Coat: I was extremely happy to receive this sample. Honestly, I haven't purchased a top coat in a very long time. I have always just used my OPI Nail Strengthener on top of any polish I use, which I doubt does the job I need it too. I tried this out the other day when I repainted my nails and really loved the formula. The only critique I have is strictly sample related: the tiny top makes it hard to hold and move the brush around. If you purchase the full size though, this would not be a problem. The full size product retails for $15.

CHI Silk Infusion Sample
*CHI Silk Infusion: One of best friends, Aleeza had this sample in her last Luxe Box (check out her blog here, she has amazing taste!) and I was instantly jealous. It is one of those products I have heard great reviews about, desperately wanted to try, but could never justify the price without trying it first. I have fallen in love! The smell is amazing, and the texture it gives my hair is great! Instantly combats my frizzy hair and makes it feel soft and manageable. If you have received a sample of this as well and love it (I saw many people received this sample in March...regardless if they had received it before or not), then head on over to HomeSense, Winners or Marshalls since I recently spotted the full size product for only $19.99! Traditionally, the full size product retails for $33.
Cargo Eye Shadow
*Cargo Eye Shadow: This was one of the First In Line products that Luxe Box offered this month.Truthfully I have never had a choice with this program, I usually had to pick whatever was left or didn't get a pick of anything. As most of you know, the Luxe Box website crashed when they did the First In Line program this month, but I persevered and was successful. I have to admit, I didn't love any of the products they had in the program this month but the Cargo eye shadow was my first pick of the three. You didn't get to see what colour you would get (at least I didn't this may be due to their website acting funny) and I was definitely surprised to see the combo I ended up getting. The brown is a great natural colour that has deep pigmentation. It is hard to see on my horrible skin but there is some gold micro-glitter in the shadow. The pink shadow is very sheer and doesn't give way to much pigmentation. I struggle to see how I would use these two colours together, other then using the brown all over the lid and the pink as a highlight. Most combo's I see like this come with a lid colour and a crease colour, but I find the brown too pigmented to be a crease colour for such a sheer pink. I am interested to play around with it though, just because they came together doesn't mean I necessarily have to use them together right! This eye shadow retails for $16.

Swatches: Light Pink and Brown
* Vera Wang LoveStuck Perfume: I have to admit I am not a huge fan of perfume samples. Perfume is one of those products I feel you can test effectively at the store, either you like the smell or you don't. Some products you need time to try and figure out if you love it, or to see a result, but I don't feel perfume falls into that category. This sample came with a simple cap enclosure, it did not have a roller ball or a spray pump. The card describes it as: "A sparkling addictive floral that you are sure to fall in love with."I don't mind the smell, but it definitely didn't win me over. I won't be going out to purchase the full size product, even though the bottle for the full size is very cute. The full size retails for $54.

Favourite Products in Order
  1. CHI Silk Infusion
  2. OPI Top Coat
  3. Cargo Eye Shadow
  4. Vera Wang Lovestruck Perfume

Overall, I am happy with my box. Not over the moon compared to the expectation that were created this month, but I will be keeping my subscription. I am glad I didn't receive the male gift that some people received in their box. None of the men in my life appreciate quality cologne (they are just as happy if it costs $5 or $50) and the sample would have been wasted. Plus, it is my box (not to sound selfish) but I want the products in it to be for me! I feel as though this may be the gateway into Luxe Box releasing a box directed at men, similar to Glymm Man.

What did you get in your Luxe Box?

xo Kathryn


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog hun. Great blog by the way.

  2. What a great box, I'm kind of sad that I cancelled my subscription! I had been subscribed to Luxebox since day one, and I decided that I would cancel with them after February to try out the Glossybox that came to Canada.

    1. Ya I was torn when Glossybox came as well... but Luxebox has been so good to me the last couple months I decided to do both until one really disappoints me!