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February 2012 Glymm Box

Hi Everyone,
I received my Glymm Box in the mail yesterday and thought I would do an unboxing haul. If you live in and around Toronto you know it has been snowing and windy all day... a perfect day to stay inside and blog! This will be my last box from Glymm Box, I cancelled my subscription when Glossy Box came to Canada. I have been trying to subscribe to Top Box for the longest time but that thing sells out like crazy! Anyways, on to the box!

February 2012 Glymm Box
Glymm Box Packaging

Back of Description Card

As always, Glymm comes in this cute little pink box. Glymm was actually the first subscription box I signed up for, and the pink box always brings a smile to my face. Honestly, mine felt very light this month but I was still excited to see what was inside!

Front of Description Card

All of the subscription services come with a little card that describes the products, their uses, full size measurements, and full size retail prices. This is always helpful especially when you do receive products that are new to you and your not sure on the best way to utilise them. This month the box contained four products. You are promised 4-5 samples/full-size products in this subscription service. Spoiler alert: there is one product in here that is already my new favourite product!

Sula Natural Shadow
Back of Shadow Packaging
I hadn't heard of this brand until I received a lip gloss from them in a previous Glymm Box. I wasn't crazy about the gloss, but I definitely have not made a judgement on the brand because the colour I received was such a sheer pink it might as well have been clear. This month there was a full sized eye shadow in the colour Envy Looks Good.

Sula Envy Looks Good

Now I enjoy the fact that this eye shadow is natural and doesn't include parabens in it. However, I can't say I am a huge fan of the colour. Is it unlike any other colour I own? Yes, but I am really a neutral type of girl and I can honestly say I don't think I have ever worn green eye shadow. I am definitely going to play around with it though since it is unfair to make a judgement call on something for the sheer reason that its unknown to you. This is a full size product that would retail for $8.

Swatch of Sula's Envy Looks Good

Mai Couture 2-1 Oil Blotting/Bronzing Papier
This product claim to fame is that it eliminates oil while giving your skin a healthy glow. A pretty large claim, but I am interested to try this and see if it can pull off what it is claiming. I am nervous that this will bathe my face in some serious glitter, but am hoping for the best. As a serious blotter girl due to my oily skin, I am always interested in companies that try to reinvent the wheel (or the blot paper in this case). I wanted to try it out before I wrote this blog post, however, the sample gives way to only a few uses, and I want to save it for a time where I can really see if it works or not. The full size product is 100 sheets for $24.
Sample of Mia Couture Blot/Bronzing Papier

GlamGlow Tingling and Exfoliating Mud Mask

Sample of GlamGlow Mask
I am a sucker for a good mud musk so needless to say I was excited when I saw this product. The product card says it is made for Hollywood's entertainment industry, which explains the large price tag of $78 for 50ml. However, it is suppose to give visible results in 15 minutes, and if it is really a miracle product it would be worth the splurge. I do feel the sample is a little small (I am a girl that likes to be generous when applying a facial mask) and I probably will only get enough for one maybe two uses, but hopefully that will give me a good feel for the product to decide whether or not I like it. Again, another brand I haven't heard of before but as always I am up to try anything as long as it works!

Burt Bees Tinted Lip Balm
Alright, I said one of these products has already become my favourite and here it is! This is a full size sample of the tinted lip balm in the colour Rose. I absolutely love the colour/consistency/ feel/ everything !!
Tinted Lip Balm Packaging
Tinted Lip Balm Tube
The balm comes in this cute cardboard packaging, that keeps with the Burt's Bees feel of being natural and environmentally conscious. When I first opened the actual balm I was a little concerned this colour might be to dark for me if it was true to the colour in the tube.. till I remembered this is a TINTED balm! Obviously it wasn't going to go on that dark! And really the colour of this balm is perfect! It is a sheer wash of a dark red that I just can't get enough of and the moisturising properties are to die for! I put this on yesterday when I opened my box and have been wearing it ever since! And for $7.99 for the full-size product it wont break the bank when I go out and buy another one! (Which I am definitely doing when my sample runs out!) I would swatch it for you, however, I know my ginger skin will ruin the picture so just take my word that it's a great colour!

And that sums up the products in my Glymm Box this month. I can't say it is my favourite box this month, but I am definitely happy with what I received, and am a little sad I cancelled my subscription. I will have to force myself not to watch unboxing videos next month so that my regret does not develop further. If you received a Glymm Box this month, I would love to hear your opinion on what you got!
By the way! I finally got my bh cosmetic eye shadow palette in the mail and will be doing a review very soon!

Enjoy your weekend everyone :)

xo Kathryn

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  1. Looks like a good box! I've tried the Burt's Bees, it's pretty good!