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Save or Spend?: e.l.f. Professional Studio Shimmer Palette

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My first product review! Cross your fingers I don't butcher it! I purchased the e.l.f. Professional Studio Shimmer Palette a few weeks ago when I ordered a ton of stuff from the e.l.f. website (possible haul coming soon?). It was actually a product I didn't plan on ordering, but they had a promotion where if you ordered $20 worth of product you received this beauty bag full of items for only $2! This was one of those items. I don't buy many cream products since I find them a little intimidating and especially for someone like me who has oily skin, the crease factor weighs heavy on my mind. However, I have to say I would purchase this palette again and again.

Shimmer Palette Packaging

Now, at $3 it isn't really life changing if you purchased this product and didn't like it. But I still think it is relevant to do a review because; (1) if you Canadian and ordered on-line you paid shipping which depending on how much you ordered adds an additional cost to the price and, (2) I think it is such a shame when I buy a product I hate and it goes to waste! Not good for my bank account or the environment.
e.l.f. is a product line that is not sold in Canada other then ordering off the website. However, while I was browsing for a house warming gift for my good friend in Winners I noticed some e.l.f. eye shadow palettes on sale. You may get lucky in finding their products at stores like Winners, HomeSense or Marshalls but there is no guarantee.

Overview of Shimmer Palette Colours
The e.l.f. Shimmer Palette comes with four different colours (from left to right): a white, light pink, camel, and a darker pink. The packaging contains a small applicator brush (shown on the bottom) and a mirror.The description on-line says it can be used on the eyes, lips, and face (which makes sense since that is what e.l.f. stands for!). I definitely use mine on my eyes and face but I have tried it on my lips and that is a use I just wouldn't recommend. There is just way to much shimmer in these colours to be flattering on the lips! At the most, I would use one of them as a highlight on the middle of the lips, but not all over. Mainly, I use my palette on my eyes but have also found the white colour to be a nice sheer highlight for the tops of my cheeks. When used on the eyelid, I would not recommend wearing these colours by themselves, even if you do use a primer. Alone, they will not last the day and will begin to crease, destroying whatever look you were going for. However, I have found that if I prime my eyes, and use one of the three pigmented colours as a base colour, they give great depth and dimension to any eye colour I put on top of it (the colour I use as a base really depends on what eyeshadow I am putting on top of it). With eyeshadow on top of these colours, they last a full work day for me (9 hours) which is pretty impressive since I have very oily eye lids and have trouble getting anything to stick. Additionally, I adore the white colour as a highlight on my brow bone and on the inside corners of my eyes. It really finishes any look I create, and is something I wear even on days when I don't wear eye shadow, just to make my face look put together. Now I have very fair skin, but I feel as though these colours are universal and would look fabulous on skin tones close to mine as well as darker skin tones. While they all have silver shimmer in them, they definitely do come across as four different colours (though as to be expected the two pinks are very similar).
From bottom to top: white, light pink, camel, and dark pink (without flash)

From bottom to top: white, light pink, camel, and dark pink (with flash)
Now one of the downsides to being a ginger besides kick-a-ginger day (just joking :)) is that the red undertones really show when I take a picture of my skin up close so I apologize for these swatches. The colours are not irritating my skin it is simply my skins undertones showing through.
From left to right: dark pink, camel, light pink and white
When all is said and done, I really do love this palette. I am glad it came with the additional products that I did not plan on ordering because if not I never would have gotten the chance to fall in love with this product the way I have. And at $3? Why spend more then you don't need too! I use this palette every single day and I will continue to use it till I am scrapping the last little bit off the pan. If you live in the US you don't need to worry so much about shipping because you can find e.l.f. in Target or Kmart, but if your Canadian and have to pay for shipping, I suggest looking around their site and finding other things to order. I wouldn't suggest ordering just the palette by itself because with tax and shipping it ends up being over $10, and for that price your not really getting a good deal. But with e.l.f. having such low prices (I mean brushes for a dollar? Common!) you can get a ton of products for a good price. If you are thinking of ordering other products leave me a comment I would be more then happy to give you a few ideas from the things I purchased, as well emilynoel83 on YouTube has two great videos on her top 10 e.l.f. products.
So there it is my first review! Hopefully it wasn't too painful to read. I am assuming I will continue to get better at this as I go. If you do end up ordering or already have the palette I would love you to hear your opinion on the product, as well as an opinion on any e.l.f. products you own.

Enjoy your President's Day/Family Day!

xo Kathryn

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