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January 2012 Hits and Misses

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While I enjoy monthly favourites, I find it very refreshing to include products that really didn't impress as well. Therefore, instead of doing just favourites I am going to include two products that really didn't impress me this month. Again, just my opinion. There are a couple products that I owned before January but since I haven't done a favourites blog before I decided to bend the rules and include them. Most of the products mentioned here I have linked in their descriptions if you want more information.

January 2012 Hits

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Night Lotion
I purchased this product in October as a little mini pick-me-up. On the actual bottle it says that it is primarily for acne scarring.. which I happen not to have. However, I didn't notice this till after I had purchased it. Nervous that this product would be useless for me, I went into it apprehensive. However, I was extremely surprised! While my skin has passed its acne prone stages since I am no longer in my teens, around that time of the month I found I get one or two. I have been using this for four months now and am yet to have one single pimple. I am not even over exaggerating! This is a product that even if it was $100 I would buy it (though maybe I wouldn't slather my entire face in it at that price!) As it stands this product is $18. After I wash my face at night I apply this all over my face and wait a few minutes to let it sink in before I apply moisturiser. Want to have a look? Click here!

The Body Shop Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream
Another Body Shop product I picked up on the same shopping trip as the Tea Tree Lotion. I have never been drawn to Body Shop skin care, usually only purchased their body butters. If you haven't been into The Body Shop for awhile I suggest taking another look. This moisturiser is heavenly! Extremely rich and thick I layer this on my face before bed to give my face a chance to really get a moisture bath. Even though I have oily skin, I find depriving my skin of moisture just makes it produce more. So giving it a good dose of moisture at night means I can give my skin what it needs without having a face during the day that is so shiny you can see yourself in it! This retails for about $20 which puts it slightly on the more expensive side (at least for myself) but if you go when The Body Shop is having one of their sales you can get it for $15 or less. They currently have a BOGO 50% off, buy two get one free, or buy three get two free sale. See for yourself by clicking here!

MAC Blot Powder in Medium Dark
This is a fairly new product to me, and is a true January favourite since I purchased it for the first time in January. I had discovered it while daydreaming on the MAC website, and after watching a few reviews on YouTube, decided it was worth the investment to try it out. The $33.00 hurt a little as I paid for the powder but honestly..I believe it was worth every cent! I have fairly oily skin, especially on my forehead. At least twice a day at work I have to go to the bathroom and blot my skin. I am happy to say I have not had to blot once since I started using this product. This combined with my Sephora Anti-Shine Primer.. you would never know that my face produces enough oil for two people! I have heard a good dupe for this powder is Nyx Stay Matte but Not Flat, however I am not aware of anywhere that sells NYX where I live so I can't comment on that. Feel like day dreaming too? Click here :)

Vasanti BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator
I received this in my January Glymm box and literally have fallen head over heals for it! For anyone that doesn't know (though I am aware that 98% of you will know) Glymm Box is a beauty subscription service that delivers 4-5 deluxe beauty samples to your door every month. I use to be subscribed to Luxe Box and Glymm box but have recently changed to Luxe Box and GlossyBox which just sent it first box out this month. If you would like to check out Luxe Box click here, Glymm Box is here and GlossyBox is here. Anyways! This exfoliater is simply amazing! The feel and texture is like nothing I have ever used and it is so effective. I use this 3-4 times a week and definitely notice how smooth my skin is, and over time have even seen the brightening effect the name promises.  Now $34 is a little steep for me personally to shell out on an exfoliater, I simply have so many other places I could spend that extra cash. However, I believe when a product really works for you and makes a significant difference in your skin, it is worth the investment. Additionally, such a small amount is needed to make a difference, it lasts forever! This is a picture of the sample I received in my January Glymm Box and I have been using it for almost three weeks and I still have enough product in it for at least another two weeks of use! The full size contains 120g of product, which judging by the rate at which I have used my sample, should last around 10 months. Definitely worth the money! Want to know more? Check it out here!

January 2012 Misses

Hard Candy Face Primer

I honestly do not think I have hated a product more then this one. Perhaps my tube was old since I have found that the consistency of products changes if they are nearing the end of their lifespan. You never know how long that product you are buying has sat on the shelves of Wal-mart or Shoppers Drugmart if it doesn't have an expiry date, especially when you live in a smaller city where turnover is not quite as high. Regardless of the reason, I would never purchase this product again. The texture was chalky and slimy all at once. It had a ton of glitter in it that showed through the powder I put on top, and throughout the day it maybe my skin even oilier then usual. I did not find it made my makeup go on smoother, but instead made my powder foundation splotchy and uneven. I used it for a week before I threw it out!! For now I am sticking with my Sephora Anti-Shine Primer.

LaCoupe Organix Hair Reviver
I mentioned this product in my first blog post that included my current hair products. I may have to bite my tongue on this one because after doing a bit of research I've discovered it is not suppose to be a dry shampoo but is suppose to make your hair smell good when you haven't washed it for a bit. So shame on me for bashing it before I looked into it. However, it is still a miss for me because personally I don't see a need for this product. I only go a day or two without washing my hair so I'm not really concerned about smell. I'll make sure the next dry shampoo I buy actually says dry shampoo right on the bottle so I don't through away another ten dollars on the wrong product! The only silver lining to the fact I purchased this product? The company plants a tree for every bottle purchased...that relieves a bit of my buyers remorse.

Another first for me as a blogger: my first favourites post. Agree or Disagree with anything I said? Let me know :)

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