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Luxe Box - February 2012

Hi There,
I had the nice surprise of opening my mailbox on Friday to find my February Luxe Box. I almost pulled a rookie mistake when I went to grab everything out of the box and try all the products on, but I contained myself enough to photograph the box first. I am really impressed with the service this month for many reasons. Previously I was subscribed to both Glymm Box and Luxe Box, which I mentioned in my January 2012 Favourites blog. When Glossy Box came to Canada I really wanted to try it out, however, I can only justify being subscribed to two boxes at one time (and even that is pushing it, I really should just choose one and stick with it but I'm not ready commit yet). At the risk of repeating myself, Luxe Box is a beauty subscription service where once a month they deliver deluxe samples to your door for you to try. This is a really great idea if your on a budget and want to spend your money wisely. It gives you a chance to try out that higher-end product before you go and invest your hard earned money in it! If you want more information feel free to check it out here.
I mentioned I was really impressed with Luxe Box this month, and I am for two reasons; (1) My box was in my mailbox the day after I got my shipment email. What amazing turnaround! I know they recently upgraded their shipping option which I am definitely loving! and, (2) The products in the box were impressive! I have to say, I have received ten total subscription boxes from different services and it is my favourite box by far!
Now I may be totally swayed by the Benefit product truth  be told. Benefit is definitely a product line I drool over at Shoppers Drugmart and Sephora but can never convince myself to splurge on. Regardless, on to what I found inside my Luxe Box!

February Luxe Box

The Luxe Box packaging has always been the same since I started receiving it back in November 2011, but this month they teamed up with the magazine Flare and changed their usual black box to a bright red. A really nice pop of colour in the dead of winter!

Luxe Box Overview

When I opened up the box I was met with an array of amazing products, two of which I have been really wanting to try. This month the box contained 4 different samples, though I received three pairs of the Redken Shampoo and Conditioner. I don't have a picture of it but can I just say I love how they put my name on the sticker that holds the tissue paper together. It is such a small touch but it really leaves an impression on me.

Inside of my Luxe Box

Benefit Sunbeam
Oh Em Gee! Thank you Luxe Box for finally giving me my first taste of Benefit. I was crushed when I missed the product reservation last month that gave you the chance to have one of two Benefit products guaranteed in your box. However, my spirits have been renewed and I am super excited to give this product a try. This product is to be used on the tops of your cheekbones and on the brow bone as a highlight. It looks like a small sample but honestly I feel as though you don't need a lot of this product to see an effect, so it should last me quite a while. The full size product is 13ml and retails for $30. This is an average price for the Benefit line, but in general is on the expensive side for a highlighter. Then again if this product can bring a glow to my otherwise stark white complexion, I'm sold!

Packaging of the Benefit sample

Benefit Sunbeam Sample (sorry about the glare)
CK One - Shock for Her Perfume
 This is really a significant sample compared to the little vials that are usually in the boxes. This sample happens to be a roller ball applicator (as seen in the second picture) which I don't mind actually. I don't own any perfumes with that type of applicator so it will be a nice change. I haven't smelled this particular perfume before receiving it, and honestly it is not what I usually go for, but I really love this smell. I wore it today and was surprised at how much I enjoyed the smell and how long it lasted. I would put the smell description it came with but it is literally a mile long, so I'll summarise it by saying it definitely has a floral scent with a sweet musky undertone. This will be great to throw in my purse while I'm on the go.

CK One Shock Packaging

Roll-on Applicator
Redken Colour Extend Shampoo and Conditioner
 I have always been a huge fan of Redken products. They were the first higher-end hair product I ever owned and I am still in love with that same product years later. I received three pairs of the Shampoo and Conditioner in my box which is nice since the type of packaging it is in usually only gives way to one use.

Shampoo Sample
I'm not a huge fan of the shampoo/conditioner sample packages, but only because I find by the time I'm in the shower and want to use it, its hard for me to rip it open with soaking wet hands (am I the only one this happens to?). Additionally, this specific product is for colour treated hair which I do not have. However, I have used this product before and liked it so I am sure my experience will be similar.The full size shampoo product is 300ml and retails for $15, while the conditioner's full size bottle is 250ml and retails for $17.  

Conditioner Sample
Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant
This is the other product I have been dying to try for a long time. If you Google or search this product on YouTube you will find some great reviews on this Daily Microfoliant. It is a bit different from a normal exfoliater in that it is actually a powder, that you combine with water to create a paste. It will be interesting to see if this product can defeat my favourite Vasanti BrightenUp! exfoliater. At $72 for the full-size 75g product, Dermalogica is definitely an investment, but worth it if it lives up to the reviews it has produced.
Dermalogica sample
All in all, Luxe Box has definitely won my heart at this point, and it will take a pretty fabulous box to beat them out of my top spot. One aspect of Luxe Box that is different from the other subscription services is that each box is usually totally individualised. If you receive Luxe Box and your box had different products then mine, I would love to hear what you got! I can't wait till March's box!

As for the picture quality in this blog, I am trying to get better with the pictures I take of each product, but bare with me I am still learning!

Which subscription box is your favourite ? :)

xo Kathryn


  1. I love how your blog is coming along!! :) And I also love this Luxebox! I'm sad I missed out on this one :(.

    1. Aww thanks girlie I'm doing my best and it was a good box though dit may make me more critical of future boxes haha

  2. LOL, the hatred of the slippery shower packets continues! You are totally not the only one! I mean, who wants to bring scissors into the shower?! You got a GREAT Luxe box! A Benefit product AND a Dermalogica product? Lucky girl!

    1. Aw thanks hopefully luxe box keeps these great boxes coming! :) always such a nice treat when it arrives in the mail

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    1. Thanks so much girlie! I am loving your blog... spent more time then I'll admit reading through it today! Now following back :)Thanks for the support!