Sunday, 5 February 2012

First Post :)

Hi There,
This is my first blog post. I started watching beauty guru's on Youtube, and from there began reading their blogs. I found myself wanting to express my opinions and experiences too... so here we are! I believe I am going to keep this blog beauty and fashion related. I do not claim to be an expert at either! I am really beginning to discover both...only took me 22 years! So lets discover and share opinions together! While I may just be talking to myself, I have always loved writing and find it a great release, so at the very least writing this is making me smile.
A little about me. My name is Kathryn and I am a 22 year old recent university grad just starting her career. I am doing some post-grad classes as well as working full time. I love cooking, makeup, fashion, soccer and my little puppy Ollie. I am thinking about starting off with a hair care routine, followed by a makeup and face care routine. I always find watching other people's routine extremely interesting and it always gives me new idea's on how to change mine and products I might be interested in. I also enjoy monthly favourite, outfit of the days, and product reviews so I may write on those with my own little twist. Anyways, let's get into the blog!

Current Hair Care Routine
First off, my hair is red (insert ginger jokes here). It is also course, thick and long - reaches just above my elbows when straight. It is naturally frizzy and slightly wavy. I recently just overhauled my hair care routine after making a trip to my hair salon and getting some advice from a stylist. Before I was using Head and Shoulders Dry Scalp Shampoo - had been using this for years and years. I find I get flakes at my hair line which is why I was using this shampoo. I thought I had dandruff. The stylist told me however, that dandruff occurs at the back of your head and behind your ears. This was news to me! So he suggested I try tea tree oil to help. I know some people have a problem with the smell, but I really don't mind it. Anyways to make it easy to read I will list what products I use:

Shampoo: Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Oil Shampoo

I would totally recommend this shampoo. It lathers well, and makes your scalp feel cool and tingly. Really moisturises your hair as well which I was a little concerned about. It was $12.00 but I have seen it at some stores for as much as $20. I buy my hair care products from a discount beauty outlet called Chatters. I believe its a franchise so if you have one in your area I would definitely recommend checking them out from what I have found they have the cheapest prices.
Conditioner: Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Oil Condition

Again,this product in the same product line as the shampoo. I haven't used a shampoo and conditioner in the same product line for a very long time, since I always felt I had to use Head and Shoulders and never liked their conditioner. This conditioner is similar to the shampoo in that it is super moisturising and makes your scalp feel cool and tingly. This is similar in price to the shampoo (I think you can see the price tag in the pictures). I will definitely be repurchasing though they have a lavender product as well I really want to try. As a heads up...if you do not like the smell of tea tree you may not enough this product. I happen to enjoy the fresh smell so it doesn't bother me.
Hair Oil Day/Night: Moroccan Oil/Tea Tree Oil

I use the Moroccan oil on the days I shower (usually 3-4 times a week) and I use the Tea Tree Oil the night before I am going to shower the following morning since I put it in the hair surrounding my face and it tends to make it look greasy. I swear by Moroccan Oil though I am sure you have heard that a million times. The Tea Tree Oil however, I'm not convinced yet. I bought it being told it would help the dry skin on my scalp that flakes sometimes, and I still get flakes. They may be better but honestly unless they go away completely I won't be repurchasing.

Shine/Straightening Spray: Sexy Straight Hair Shine and Lock

This has to be my favourite hair product purchase since I discovered Moroccan Oil 6 months ago. I also bought this at Chatter's, it retailed for around $20. While I am use to using a straightening cream I gave this a try and have fallen in love. I blow dry my hair and then spray sections of my hair with this before straightening. The mist is super fine and doesn't soak your hair. The smell is amazing and the results are truly something to write home about! I will be repurchasing this product for sure!
Dry Shampoo: Oragnix Hair Reviver
Alright , well maybe I misunderstood what this product is suppose to do. I mean it doesn't say dry shampoo on the bottle but the name sounds like it should do the same thing. I liked that it was colourless since I find dry shampoo's that are white stay in my hair even after I've tried to brush it out. However, because it is a pump it makes my hair really wet when I spray it, and I don't find that it absorbs the oil in my hair. I am using it because I spent $10 on it and I feel guilty throwing it away but I will not be repurchasing this. Any suggestions on a good dry shampoo would be much appreciated.
So there it is, my first blog! It took me quite a long time to write this to be honest, with spell checking, formatting, downloading the photo's.
But I have to admit... it was fun and totally worth it. If anyone reads this, I would love to hear your opinion as well as your current products that you recommend I try.
Kathryn XoXo

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